A mobile-friendly text-adventure game created for the Canada150Game jam. Find your way through a snow storm, avoiding danger & recalling find memories! With multiple completion paths, and over 10 ways to die... choose carefully!

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How To Play:

SpotLight Adventures games can be played in a full or mobile browser. Click or tap the game controls. No typing required for game play. In the settings you can change the handedness, music volume, and disable styles for a high-contrast black on white. Game progress is saved to your browser.

Engine Details

The SpotLight Adventure Engine is being developed to publish gameified interactive fiction (like IF crossed with a single player text adventure or MUD). Developed to be mobile-friendly first, and to be played without any typing, SpotLight games will be smooth, portable, and comfortable to play on any device. The publishing tools are also under development and will eventually be opened to the public! To learn more follow us on Twitter @SilverKeyGames hashtag: #SpotlightAdventures.


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